The Becki Sullivan Phone Call on December 20, 2003

(2 parts - machine & pick-up) after Ginee's alleged "Emergency" guardian/conservatorship (hearing12-19-2003)

Becki Sullivan - Managed Protective Services, Inc.

This is the call on December 20, 2003 to David's answering machine (before he could pick up the receiver...)

Below is the rest of the call from the point of pick up. ("do you know what is going on...") The call is from Beckie Sullivan who is the case worker for Managed Protective Services, Inc., the Fiducary Company owned by Jane Anne Geisler who is the woman that "pulled the plug" on Virginia Mae Vivian Karr just a few hours after Beckie Sullivan very specifically tells David Karr that:

1.) Nothing is going to be done today... and,

2.) Sullivan "believes" that Carolyn is comming into town... and, several "doctors" have been consulted (unnamed)

3.) We know that "your mother" is a Baha'i, and that there are specific burrial rights, that she is to be burried in a shroud, within 24 hours, within an hour journey, with a ring, and so on... (forward to 13:50 for this dialogue)

(no excuses for taking her life that same day and then going further and cremating her body thereafter... it was intentional to prevent the son from being by her side in passing and then push him further once grieving the loss by violating Ginee and her son beyond reason and for purposes of causing severe and intentional emotional harm.)

4.) Identifies that "as guardians... we handle all this..." (in re: funeral proceedures) (at 14:45 in the recording)

5.) Sullivan repeats that: "Nothing is going to be done today" (at 15:30 in the recording), and,

6.) Within a couple hours of David Receiving this phone call, Ginee was put to death at the hands of Jane Anne Geisler, the doctors Beckie Sullivan spoke of have never been identified and no medical records of Ginee's have ever been provided Mr. Karr, ever.

At the time of this illegal appointment, Jane Anne Geisler was on probation and under Court Orders NOT TO TAKE NEW CASES, (by the same court and Chief Justice, Barbara Mundell, that position Geisler to eliminate Ginee Karr - David and Ginee had already filed a lawsuit naming judges under Mundell) additionally, a PRIVATE FIDUCARY can not be appointed to an allegedly "incapacitated" or thereafter "intestate" (meaning without a Trust or Will) ward in Arizona under any circumstance or even this alleged emergency such as Carolyn and her hired hands, Peter Williams and Jane Anne Geisler, had subversively and obstructively orchestrated. Family comes first in any appointment selection process, including Ginee's Brother, Robert Vivian who was never contacted prior to any hearing to appoint Geisler, not at all by Carolyn Drozdiak ever from the time of Ginee's hospitalization and not by any court official, Carolyn Drozdiak, or Peter Williams or even Jane Geisler, Ginee Karr was "systemically murdered."

Only a PUBLIC FIDUCARY could possibly be appointed in any such circumstance if any of it were at all true, and, only after a written refusal by the family first in the order of; Spouse, Children and then Sibling(s), Robert Vivian, Ginee's brother, as stated above, was not even informed of the court proceeding or the taking of his own sister's life just a couple hours after this call from Sullivan saying "we are not going to do anything today." Ginee Karr was "Systemically Murdered" by the order and at the hired hands of her own daughter to cover up;

1.) Theft of Ginee's Will, Trust and Personal Papers by her Daughter Carolyn Drozdiak,

2.) Medical and ethical Malpractice on the part of Boswell Hospital and Dr. Craig Rundbaken, and,

3.) Ginee Karr's body was burned against Baha'i Burrial Laws to conceal all of the foregoing as well as the foul play to end her life. (Ginee never received the "tracheotomy proceedure" she needed that the Boswell Hospital "somewhat ethical" nurses were shocked to observe Ginee no receiving within a few days of being mysteriously placed on a ventilator.

Evidently and as is evident in content of further recorded calls, Carolyn Drozdiak refused to "permission" that proceedure for Ginee when it was vital, even though she was not a decision maker, was not present at the hospital, had already taken Ginee's personal paperwork, and, of course the Hospital and Rundbaken had no legal authority to demand or seek concent of any one to do the life saving proceedure with no such power of attorney in place for eith of Ginee's children.

Protesting these delays and unethical practices of Rundbaken and Boswell Hospital, David was now the target of the Maricopa County Superior Court and the racketeering Arizona Supreme Court Fiducary Board & Licensing Division, as well as Carolyn Karr Drozdiak who became desperate to somehow hide the fact that she took her own moters directive, will and trust from her home and even left a note saying so.

David was abused and ignored by the Court and thereafter intentionally accused of making threats in order to get him out of the way and institutionalize him with Carolyn Karr Drozdiak becoming a supportive and culpable party and force even paying a lawyer first Peter Williams and thereafter, Suzanna Goldman, to "put that together."(Goldman came out of the woodwork in Geisler's camp replacing Peter Williams who filed the initial fraudulent petitions both "emergency" conservator/guardian, and then for personal representative of Ginee's estate before being caught in dual-representation and gross conflict of Geisler and Drozdiak.)

Peter Williams is now being sued for "racketeering" in the Phoenix Federal District Court for similar conduct as he engaged in Ginee's case as well as for currently operating a fictitious firm known as "Williams & Halladay, PLC" which has been confirmed to be non-existing by the Arizona Corporation Comission. ("Halladay" is William's wife who is also know for filing petitions against individuals to have them committed and "out of the way" while Williams and his wife then steal the estates of vulnerable adults. See: Lindsey vs. Williams.

In Ginee Karr's Case, a lawyer Mr. Theut, essentially drops out of the sky and somehow becomes (or says he is in court) Ginee's appointed attorney as an incapacitated adult in Maricopa County Arizona. Mr. Theut operates with his brother Mr. Theut just to confuse things or perhaps to immediatel facilitate double billing in these illegal appointments. Brian Theut is also currently being sued in the Phoenix Federal District Court for "racketeering" in these mental health and probate cases and has been essentially caught commiting and or facilitating the financial rape of at least one "still living" 88 year old woman named Marie Long.

The Arizona Republic Newspaper in Phoenix, reporter Laurie Roberts has been doing a series of stories about Marie Long who was worth over $1.3 million dollars just 3 years ago and is now broke and homeless at the hads of Theut, the Maricopa County Superior Court, Judge Karen O'Conner, (also a facilitator in Ginee Karr's case) Barbara Mundell and many of the same players excluding Carolyn Karr Drozdiak, or perhaps Marie Long would be dead also. They, the Maricopa County and Arizona Supreme Court "racketeers" took Marie Long's money but they took Ginee Karr's life, only with Carolyn Karr Drozdiak's assistance, and, then they burned the evidence too, which included Ginee Karr's body and without question in Ginee's case, it was Carolyn Karr Drozdiak who lit the match on the Virginia Mae Vivian Karr inferno that is about to burn them all. (its about time and well overdue)

Ms. Drozdiak could not face her own mother surviving only thereafter to have Ginee discover and learn that her daughter Carolyn, had come to town while Ginee was incapacitated and laying in the hospital a full ten days after she was asked to arrive on an emergency basis for a second time. Carolyn had already stolen Ginee's paperwork on November 8, 2003 when she did arrive 10 days too late to make any showing to the Hospital or Ginee Karr that she cared about anything but Ginee's money and property. When Carolyn discovered she was not included in Ginee's wishes she also took a single check from each of Ginee's checkbooks. Carolyn also rifled through Ginee's personal papers and effects and was only interested in getting her hands on money and property, what she found was Ginees written "Living Trust" naming her son David as trustee and also listing the bank account(s) Carolyn had coerced Ginee to name Carolyn on as the beneficiary and Amy Drozdiak (her granddaughter) at the time Mildred Bond (Ginee's mother) died.

Carolyn was compelled to prefer that Ginee not recover and that she not get any life saving proceedures she may need to live and wanted Ginee to die, her motive was personal embarassment on top of monitary greed having already stolen Ginee's papers from her home office.

Carolyn became further culpable and sided with like motive held by the Hospital and in particular Dr. Craig Rundbaken who became desperate to conceal his unethical practice of seeking to shift decision making responsibilities to the family and then to cover up the fact that Rundbaken had not only caused Carolyn to panic making numerous false statements over the phone concerning Ginee's private health care matters and such things as to tell Carolyn things like "Ginee had a stroke" when she had not with no regard for Federal HIPPA Laws and even Ginee's privacy as Carolyn lived out of state in California.

David remained bedside with Ginee every step of the way from the moment she was placed on life support (a week after she was recovering just fine from a broken arm) with no honest explanation of what put Ginee in the ICU. David and Ginee were actively persuing a Federal Lawsuit against The City of Peoria and several lawyers and public officials in Arizona when Ginee was run off the road in Sun City Arizona, October 21, 2003.

Maricopa County Sherriff's Deputies responded to a 911 call that a woman was thrown from her golf cart and laying in the street screaming. The vehicle that cut her off fled the scene according to witnesses. The witnesses were never interviewed by Sherrif Joe Arpio's boys and only provided statements to Ginee's vehicle insurance company, State Farm Fire & Casualty. The Sheriff's report suspiciously suggests that Ginee was transported by ambulance to Boswell Hospital with "minor scrapes and bruises" although witness statements to State Farm clearly identify that Ginee was screaming that she had broken bones.

Ginee had left Carolyn out of her will and was disgusted at her daughter forever anoying her with what to say in her will, deciding to form a living family trust instead. According to even the alleged emergency hearing testimony of Carolyn Drozdiak herself seeking to appoint Geisler as Carolyn's "hired" professional to Carolyn's inability to face or care for her own mother, Ginee refused to accept an invitation from the Drozdiak's earlier that year in August because she "wanted to stay home and get her paperwork together." David, Ginee's son, explains that this is entirely true and adds that Ginee wanted very little to do with her daughter Carolyn because she was constantly being pressured by Carolyn and threatened that if she did not do as Carolyn said from how to handle her money to how to treat her own family, the Vivians, that Ginee would never see her grand children, Amy and Michael again either. David also suggests that Carolyn did this to every one in her family at some level even exciling her own father for many years when he refused to pay her extended college tuition. "Carolyn is very sick and greedy, her ego prevents her from realizing that she is not the center of the universe, she has abused me since child hood and our fathers dying wish was that I might somehow get through to her when no one else, not he or our mom was able to."

David was named in the paperwork Carolyn removed as the trustee to the "Vivian-Karr Family Trust" to be recorded and executed upon her death in order to right the wrongs of Carolyn Drozdiak such as when Mildred Bond died (Ginee's Mother) Carolyn Drozdiak abused, exploited and prepared for future embezzel from Ginee Karr and did compell Ginee to violate agreements with the Vivian family on how to distribute Mildreds estate, and, did manipulate and coerce Ginee into naming herself, Carolyn Drozdiak ,as beneficiary to Ginee's retirement account holding money deposited but rightfully belonging to Robert Vivian upon the death of Mildred Bond.

David was close and took care of, protected and maintained Ginee's houses and general affairs of upkeep and all those things a son does including standing up for Ginee when she was being falsely accused and harassed by the Peoria Police. In August of 2000 for the first time ever in her life, Ginee was accused of a crime "allegedly a hit and run in a Home Depot parkin lot," on private property by the Peoria Police. The case was proven to be a malicious prosecution and entirely fabricated by the Peoria Police and physically impossible for any such damage to be caused by Ginee's car in what she was being accused of. Peoria City Attorney, Stephen Kemp began a series of malicious acts through abusing his prosecutorial powers and essentially started to show his colors as a dangerous dictator in a small city in America, Peoria, Arizona.

It all started over the Peoria Police, the Peoria Justice Court, City Attorney Stephen Kemp and even Janet Napolitano's Office (as then Arizona Attorney General) engaging in severely retaliating in several ways against Ginee and David for reporting domestic violence that was going on between a couple in a rental home they managed in Peoria. Juan Perez, a discovered repeat abuser, beat his wife bloody in one of the Karr's rental homes, took her cell phone and fled. The Karrs had already experienced a series of bad check writing by these tenants and had to evict them now on the imminent danger pending against Chastina Perez and her children Britney and Brandy (ages 4 & 5) as well as repeated check fraud committed by Ms. Perez. The woman renter was a State Employee working as a field collector in the Arizona Department of Revenue. Apparently, the way that the Peoria Police expected to protect the woman, Chastina Perez, was to have police officer John Naherbass sleep with her or so the Karr's suspected. John Naherbass went on to stalk the Karr's both after they reported his misconduct to internal affairs at the Peoria Police Department. David wrote a letter to Janet Napolitano, outlining Peoria Police Officer John Naherbass' conduct, the imminent danger the woman and children were in, and, as is the sad norm in Arizona, Ginee and David Karr became targets of the corrupt political regime in Arizona that eventually included John McCain when Ginee first appealed her concerns to her senator.

From the moment the Karr's stepped up to do the right thing, protect women and children, they were met with a Corrupt System in Arizona that is clearly more than just a local disease, what the Karr's encountered and what David Karr has documented is the road map to understanding just what "Broken Government Means," and, although the examination of this factual example does incriminate several "players" including judges, police, lawyers and politicians, it is the example we do desperately need to identify how our system breaks down, where and how the lack of ethics that got us to this point festers. What shall reveal is precisely why it is essential to take fully accountable and dramatically corrective measures, and, why it is that if we do not pay attention, we can expect that we will see more of such incidents as "when Oscar Grant's get murdered," and, "when police act stupidly in Boston," and, "when Acorn workers embarass our Nation and Congress," and, "when underwear bombers identify the ineptness of our Homeland Security leader," and, "when civilians fly planes into our own buildings," but most unconcionably, "when seniors are murderd in Hospitals and we have identifiable murder for profit in these United States," it is time to expose that truth and do all we can to prevent such damage from continuing, and, avoid these harms from coming to others.

The very definition of "Systemic Murder" is precisely what was done to Ginee Karr, and, thereafter, her son David was thrust into the corrupt Arizona Mental Health System by the exact same judges who "allegedly handle" probate cases in Maricopa County Arizona, and, through lies and concealment of the very licensing board "allegedly regulating" Jane Anne Geisler, while she is simultaneiously on probation. This is the diabolical side of the "Maricopa County Superior Court Corruption Ring" and kingpin Barbara Mundell's good old boy and girl network.

Barbara Mundell is being sued currently by Sheriff Joe Arpio in the Phoenix Federal District Court on "racketeering" charges concerning her involvement with the County Board of Supervisors and attempting to influence, and actually hand picking Judges to hear matters of criminal charges against County Officials. Barbard Mundell has reciently in January of 2010, announced her resignation as Maricopa County Superior Court Chief Justice to be effective later in June or July of this year.